Leonard Anderson Jr.
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Leonard Anderson Jr.

~ Lyricist ~ Author ~ Poet ~ Playwright ~

Leonard Anderson Jr. is an author, poet, lyricist, and a playwriter. His primary genre is Adult Fiction which he writes about incidents in Philadelphian and its surrounding areas. His first series novels are The Blackavellian Kinights, and Royam Revenge: The Blackavellian Knights II. His five part series compilations is entitled I'll Never Let You Go.

His secondary genre is children books. I'm so Hungry was his first children book that was hand-crafted in 2004. His first Spy King book is printed in English, French, Chinese, German, and Spanish. Leonard books can be purchased as a paperback, an e-book, or an audio.

Anderson is a native Philadelphia, and has a Bachelor's Degree in IT Management, and a Master Degree in Health Administration. No matter what he does with his writing skills from creating adult or children fictions, composing poems, or constructing plays, Leonard always come up with some great ideas to entertain us.


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