Leonard Anderson Jr.
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Half Hour Comedy/TV Pilot

Blessed by The Best Teaser

Lifelong friends and fellow church members Sista Mary and Sista Anderson are the focus of this comedy. Script

Hour Drama/TV Pilots

I'll Never Let You Go Teaser

Pilot bring femme fatale and psychopath Brenda Melendez into your living rooms. She'll take no prisoners on her quest to become the first woman Queen Pin of the Drug Starr Cartel Script

The Devil's Amongst Us Teaser

Embezzlement, sex and murder in a church setting. Script


The Blackavellian Knights Teaser

A recovery addict Lenny B, with 10 years clean, attempts to bring do the mighty Drug Starr Cartel. Script

Full Length Movie Script (20 Pages)

Love Won't Let Me Wait

Charmaine Walker's quest to find out what happened to her man Devon Morgan and resurrect the love they once shared. Or will she be forced into another's arms? Script

One ACT Stage Plays

One More Chance Lord

ACT 1 Scene 1. The play is about a bitter, elderly man given a second chance to get right with God. Script

The Family Meeting

ACT 1 Scene 1. A family decides to deal with family and social issues via a family meeting. Some family members reluctantly participate. Script

Children's TV Pilot

Spy King Teaser

The pilot introduces Spy King, Swish, Commander Terri and other members of K.A.A.C. (Kid Agents Against Crime). Their ongoing mission is to bring 13 year old super villain Dr. Marsha Mallow to justice. Script