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One of Kevinís favorite pastimes is watching television with his father on the weekends. His father would not allow anything to interfere with their time unless it was an absolute emergency. They would have a large bowl of popcorn, pretzels, and hot dogs and a glass of apple or orange juice. Sometimes they ordered pizzas, hamburgers, cheese steaks, and every once in a while a soda. Their favorite movies are westerns and spies. Kevin enjoyed the good guys beating the bad guys in the westerns. But Kevin became even more fascinated with the spies and their gadgets. He often spoke of becoming a spy once he grew up. Once he became a safety and received his badge, the Spy King was born.

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The Case of The Colossal Chocolate Conspiracy

Chocolate companies around the globe have been burglarized. Flying Saucers were spotted near the equator. The Spy King has mysteriously disappeared.

Was it foul play? What will the world do without its favorite kid spy? Who will K.A.A.C (Kid Agents Against Crime) assign to this baffling case? Who is the mastermind behind it all?

Join us now as we follow ďThe Case of the Colossal Chocolate Conspiracy.Ē

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Swish and Stopper foiled Dr. Mallo's plan to convert the entire world's currency to chocolate. Spy King, K.A.A.C's (Kid Agents Against Crime) number one agent, escapes with Dr. Mallo before her Mount McKinley laboratory implodes. Both the public and his fellow agents believe Spy King has defected and is now working for the sinister Dr. Mallo. Spy King can only clear himself by capturing Dr. Marsha Mallo and bringing her to justice.

Upon arriving at Dr. Mallo's secret lair, she catches Spy King snooping through her files and throws him in prison. Commander Terri decides to recruit Spy Queen and her team to K.A.A.C and the case. Although there's been no official contact with Dr. Mallo, you can rest assured she has a diabolical plan up her sleeve.

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Tasha spoke to her cousin Kevin about joning The Spy King and his team to solve cases. Kevin told Tasha the club is for boys only. Tasha became really angry with Kevin. She knew she could solve mysteries too. After all, she gets better grades than Kevin does in school. Tasha decides to start a team of her. She would become the Spy Queen and her best friends Ashley and Carol are members of her group.

Join the Spy Queen and friends as they solve "The Case of the Mysterious Tooth Fairy."

Recommended for Ages 8 and Up.

Grandma Anderson's Nursery Rhymes
Grandma Andersonís Nursery Rhymes are designed to teach children lessons in sharing, caring, team work and love. The characters are things they see just about every day such as food, animals, the sun and the moon. The stories will invoke children to explore their imaginations.

The primary goal is to create opportunities for parents, grandparents and other care givers to spend quality time with our children through reading. We must participate in the learning process prior to them entering the school systems.

The book includes four stories: I'm So Hungry, Who Says There's No Santa Claus, Mr. Sunshine, and Princess Nakki.

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God's Little Soldiers

How does a child become one of Godís Little Soldiers? Itís really much simpler than one may believe. This story encourages children to be the best person they can be every day. Itís instructs them to obey their parents and others in authority.

The story also requires them to be responsible for their homework, chores and other duties. It also encourages them to behave while in church. If they can do some of these things, they are on their way to becoming one of Godís Little Soldiers.

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